Participating in projects from the prototyping stage

We participate in the development of new products by customer manufacturers from the prototyping stage to producing prototype eyeglass frames. We produce products that meet customer expectations through advanced skill levels and adaptability in pursuit of efficiency.

Producing products that meet expectations


We participate in projects from the prototyping stage and produce all prototypes in house. Recent years have seen growth in production methods that would have been inconceivable before, such as designs with dimensions beyond the established standards. Accordingly, it is essential to verify frame durability and quality thoroughly in the prototyping stage. With both engineering and manufacturing and processing sections under the direct control of headquarters, Ena Optical aims to ensure quick, reliable prototyping measures. Highly capable staff who have mastered advanced technologies are in charge of prototyping. Development takes place using specialized machinery in the Numerically Controlled Machining Center, which is capable of handling a wide range of processing from boring through milling, punching, screwing, and reaming. By maintaining an environment that makes it possible to take time to think about them, we can develop products through thorough prototyping even under tight delivery schedules. In the future as well, we will continue striving to help customers meet their development schedules while adapting to everchanging design trends in eyeglass frames.