Improve professional skills
Focus on developing managers

At our company, manual work accounts for 60-70% of the total work, so it is not just a matter of manufacturing things. Each person in charge of each department is required to have a sense of responsibility and ensure that the next process is connected.
To this end, in addition to conducting in-house training twice a month with the aim of making improvements, we also participate in external training aimed at improving the skills of specialists.
In addition to building trust within the department, we value the enthusiasm of our employees to work together to solve the company’s problems.

Twice a month, improvement training from external instructors


Twice a month, we invite outside instructors to conduct one-day training aimed at improving processes and quality. Instructors who have experience as executives at major factories ask us questions and discuss them, as well as teach us about manufacturing concepts and methods.

External training at SMEs, universities, etc.


For specialists, we participate in external training with the aim of acquiring the basics and further improving specialized skills.
In recent years, along with the operation of the NC machining center, the person in charge went to the training to learn how to operate it, and the points that were unclear until then were clarified. The mold department and the design department participate in technical training to improve their skills, share them within the company, and improve their overall technical capabilities.

In addition, executive candidates who will be responsible for Ena Optical Industry in the future are dispatched to the “Factory Manager Training Course” held by the Small and Medium Enterprise College. In the training, people from different industries gather and, while consulting with each other, draw a picture of what the factory should be like and how to realize it in order to solve their respective problems.
After the training, the employees who participated in the training summarize the items they want to improve, give a presentation to all employees, and ask for their feedback. On top of that, all employees will be sure to work together for one month to work on improvement activities on a company-wide basis. Through this series of activities, we aim to create a synergistic effect by fostering a sense of self-awareness among the participants, while also expecting that relationships of trust will be built up on site. As a company, expectations are high, and we have created an environment where employees can grow with their enthusiasm.

In addition, in light of current social issues and global trends, we hold repeated training sessions on various types of harassment, lectures on 3S (sorting, setting in order, and cleaning) activities, as well as lectures on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.