[About the company] What kind of glasses do you make?

90% of the eyeglasses produced are sold overseas.
We mainly manufacture high-end eyeglasses for overseas celebrities.

[About the company] What are the strengths of Ena Optical?

We use an integrated production system, which is rare in the eyewear industry.
We have a strong will to "deliver the products we create in-house responsibly." In addition, under the philosophy that "eyeglasses are handicrafts" that we have cherished since our founding, we are committed to "making eyeglass frames that please everyone" with quality as our first priority.
As a result, we take pride in producing high-quality glasses that cannot be experienced with other glasses.

[About the company] What is the atmosphere like in the company?

“We will expand the range of young people who will be active in the future.”
It's a very rewarding company where you can grow depending on your hard work. In addition, we are a company that listens carefully to suggestions from employees that say, "Isn't this better?" If there is something I don't understand, I can talk to my boss, and if I have a problem, I can talk to a colleague who is close to my age.
In recent years, the number of new employees, including college and high school graduates, has increased, and now about half of them are in their teens to 20s, making the company full of energy.

[About the company] Do you have transfers?

is not. It is possible to settle down and work in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
There are many U-turn students who graduated from universities outside the prefecture and want to work locally after graduation.

[About the company] Are there any rules for working clothes?

Work clothes are supplied by the company.
You are free to wear underwear, pants, etc.

[About the company] What are the ways to commute?

Many employees commute by car.
We have a dedicated employee parking lot near the company.

[About the company] What is the male to female ratio?

Males account for about two-thirds of our employees at a ratio of 2:1, but the number of female employees is increasing year by year.

[About the company] What kind of education and training system do you have?

After joining the company, training will be repeated at each site within the company for two months.
The purpose is to learn each process and understand the mechanism of eyeglass making. The training system takes into consideration the workplace to which the employee is assigned and the individual's wishes, and has established a mechanism that allows employees to receive external training that is suitable for their work.

[About the company] Do you work overtime?

Most employees finish on time.
During busy periods, some departments may work overtime for up to 10 hours per month.

[About the company] What are your annual holidays?

Annual holidays are 110 days.
Golden Week, Obon, and year-end and New Year holidays are also available.
I have to go to work on Saturday about 3 days a year.

[Recruitment/Selection] What kind of jobs are you looking for?

We are looking for "sales", "manufacturing quality control", "manufacturing technology" and "design technology".

[Recruitment/Selection] Do I need a transcript, a health certificate, or a certificate of expected graduation?

Please submit a transcript, a health certificate, and a certificate of expected graduation after you receive a job offer.

[Recruitment/Selection] Do I need experience, technical skills, or qualifications?

Depending on the department you are assigned to, it may be necessary, but we will determine the department based on suitability, so there is no particular requirement.

[Recruitment/selection] Do I need knowledge, technical skills, or qualifications such as computers?

It is good to have a minimum knowledge of Excel, word, etc., but no special qualifications are required.
Some departments are looking for people who can use CAD.

[Recruitment and selection] What kind of personnel are you looking for?

We are looking for people who are serious and ambitious, and who can think for themselves and strive to improve.