Our mission

Our uncompromising obsession with our products
remains unchanged from our founding.

Quality assurance


Continuing to meet expectations through high quality

Under our basic approach of benefiting the buyer, seller, and society equally, our most important mission as a manufacturer is to produce eyeglass frames that meet customer expectations. This mission cannot be achieved without a healthy balance of cost, delivery time, and quality. About 90% of our production is supplied to international brands on an OEM basis. Keeping in mind at all times the need to satisfy end users by supplying eyewear frames that meet their needs, we believe that our most important mission is to maintain the expected high levels of quality as a matter of course. As a result, we will continue to supply eyewear that expresses our philosophy of comfort.


Passing along proprietary technologies


Aiming to be the leading producer of acetate-resin eyewear

Our founder started Ena Optical soon after the end of World War II as a pioneer in successfully developing acetate-resin products. Later, the former president (second generation) continued to grow the business, and as a result, today we have earned a strong reputation around the world, grounded in the support of our extensive customer base. In fact, acetate resin is not well suited to producing identical products under identical conditions because of its susceptibility to heat and its high water absorbency. Simply giving the material a shiny finish is a major challenge. In this way, it resembles living material. It also requires more labor and effort than plastic molding. Molded plastic products are produced by pouring molten plastic into molds and removing the hardened products after cooling.
Acetate resin, on the other hand, is bent and cut from sheets. And the process requires higher levels of technological capabilities to achieve precision. We have passed along these technologies to today through our in-house production system. As a pioneer in acetate resin, we will continue striving to maintain an unshakeable position in the market with overwhelming advantages in the areas of production volume and quality.


Contributing to the local community


Aiming to be a company of which the community can be proud

Nearly 80 years have passed since Ena Optical was founded in 1947 soon after the war in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to do business in Nakatsugawa, and we consider contributing to the community to be an important part of our mission. First of all, we strive to ensure that we will have no negative effect on the environment in the community or on the global environment.

For example, we make every effort to ensure that the community can live in comfort by addressing the conceivable impacts of our business activities in the areas of odors, waste, and wastewater, even if such efforts prove costly. While our social responsibilities are changing together with the changing times, we aim to continue operating as a plant that considers the environment to realize sustainable eyeglass frame production.

We also want to be a company of which the community can be proud. Our aim is to continue manufacturing where employees play active roles as members of Ena Optical and where they take pride in building eyeglass frames beloved around the world. The Company will continue to provide a full range of support to help our employees continue to live in Nakatsugawa with peace of mind.

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