Our company consists of four departments, and in order to ensure that our customers’ needs are fulfilled, we provide eyeglasses that are comfortable to wear and satisfy.

– Sales department
Our key to connect with customers


The sales department is the point of contact with overseas and domestic manufacturers. Mainly OEM production from overseas, and “B to B” sales are the main business.

We have overseas customers actually visit the factory and explain all the processes. While conveying the motto “Glasses are crafts, not industrial products”, which we have kept since our founding, we have gained solid trust by having each and every employee watch the process. When actually manufacturing, we are involved from the prototype stage, leading to commercialization.

Taking advantage of our integrated production system, we strive to provide products that meet the needs of our customers, while maintaining close contact with other departments to prevent shortages. In addition, we conduct regular technical training, pick up opinions from the field, and reflect them in business negotiations with executives and people from Japanese trading companies. From now on, I would like to continue to create products that will please not only our customers but also end users.

– Planning and Development Prototyping Department
The heart that surely meets your needs


We make prototypes based on the drawings we receive from our customers, and when mass production is decided, we arrange jigs and tools, issue internal specifications, and organize the mass production system at the heart of our company. Professional staff who are familiar with CAD production and molds are involved.

When we receive the design together with the order for the eyeglass frame, we use illustrator and CAD to create a drawing and have a meeting. After that, we process jigs and tools that fit into the mold, program them to move according to the design, and decide on mass production. One of the real pleasures of the Planning and Development Prototyping Department is seeing the prototypes that I was in charge of flow into the mass production line and take shape. In order to faithfully reproduce the designer’s intentions, we are challenging ourselves to develop new technologies every day.

– Production department
Professionals who produce high-quality products


From material cutting to assembly, polishing, lens fitting, inspection, packaging, and shipping, we do it all in-house. The manufacturing department is responsible for the management of all processes and thorough quality control.

Each step in the process of making eyeglass frames has its own depth, and we work carefully and accurately. The design of the manufacturer is also new every year, and the level of quality required is also increasing. It is a rewarding workplace where you can improve yourself as a professional who creates high-quality products. It is attractive to be able to see the finished product after the fabric has passed through various processes, and it is a job that all employees can take pride in creating high-quality products.

– General affairs department
Create an environment where employees can work comfortably


We carry out clerical work related to the entire company and support the entire company. Specifically, I am in charge of a wide range of tasks, including accounting, labor, human resources, and business management.
We believe that better products will be produced if the environment is comfortable for employees to work in, and we aim to create a lively and open corporate culture by paying close attention to the entire company so that employees can work comfortably. At the company’s joint briefing session, it is encouraging when students who are looking for a job show interest in our company. There is a feeling of excitement and excitement that new friends join.