Recruitment numberA few positions
Educational backgroundHigh school or four-year university and graduate school (Science/Humanities)
Those who are expected to graduate in the spring of 2024 (new graduates)
Or those who have already graduated (mid-career)
Recruitment type(1) Development (2) Design technology (3) Manufacturing technology
Recruitment type(1) Development
・Technology development
・Development of products with new functions
・Production of jigs
・Prototype production
We develop new technologies and products with new functions.
When planning a new product, we create prototypes and jigs,
Prepare for mass production.
(2) Design technology
・Creation of drawing data
・Create mold data
Based on the design from the customer, we create drawing data and mold data.
We also create process charts and specifications for mass production.
*Both (1) and (2) require 3D processing development technology.
Therefore, we are focusing on the operation development of 3D CAD.
It is a workplace where I can make use of what I have learned, such as mechanical design.
(3) Manufacturing technology
・Programming and operation of NC machining center
・Quality control, quality inspection
·Production control
・Material management
We manage the production line, quality, and materials at the production line site.
In the future, you will be responsible for overseeing the manufacturing site.
*In common with (1) to (3), in the future, you can leave everything up to the management of people
“I’m thinking of hiring you as an executive candidate.”
Work locationNaegi, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture
Working hours8:00-17:10
Rrest70 minutes
AllowancesCommuting allowance, housing allowance, family allowance
Holiday vacationSaturdays and Sundays, Golden Week, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
Annual holiday111days
Various insuranceEmployment/Welfare/Health/Industrial Accident/Property Accumulation/Retirement Allowance
In-house system
Mutual Aid Society (Ikuekai), Joy Seven, Retirement Plan
Education systemIn-house training, external training system available