Global vision and flexibility

Ena Optical carries out the OEM production of eyeglass frames for brands around the world. We provide advice and propose solutions based on our status as a specialized eyewear manufacturer as well as our global vision and flexibility.

Faithfully giving concrete form to designs


An OEM producer demonstrates its capabilities to the fullest by faithfully giving concrete form to the designs received from its customers. Today we operate in a time of change, characterized by a new trend toward balancing design with function. An OEM producer requires higher levels of technological and solution capabilities to meet the diverse requirements and increasingly advanced needs of customers. A look at the actual flow of OEM production shows that eyewear frames are growing increasingly more diverse and require lighter weight and greater toughness. New designs need to secure quality while maintaining frame durability. Our consulting services for eyewear frames propose superior product plans through an analysis based on existing technological capabilities and the facts on the ground, also covering a wide range of aspects other than improving comfort and durability and lessening the weight of materials. With regard to current products as well, as a manufacturer that employs fully in-house production, we share information on improvements and other matters to produce even more comfortable frames. Our staff, who combine years of experience with a wealth of knowledge, provide thorough, attentive care.