Convinced by eyeglass making and got a job

At our company, we ask you to visit the company before the recruitment examination. We would like you to see our manufacturing and all the processes involved, and to work only after you are satisfied with it. We will deepen the matching between the desire to work here and the desire to work at Ena Optical Industry.

Flow up to adoption

Ena Optical Industry is currently recruiting new graduates and mid-career hires who are scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2024. About half of the approximately 70 employees are in their teens and 20s, making it a lively workplace with many young employees. Technical interns from overseas such as Indonesia are also active.
Do you want to challenge with us and grow together?

Inquiry by entry or email

Please apply from the recruitment inquiry form on the homepage or the entry form of Mynavi. You can also contact us directly by email.

Company tour

First, let’s take a tour of the company.
After that, if you wish to find a job, you will be required to take an employment examination. For those who live far away, the company tour and interview can be held on the same day.
Tours are held at any time, so please inquire about dates and times.

Recruitment test

Please contact us if you would like to take a recruitment test after visiting the company.
We will have an interview with you.

Adoption pass/fail notification

After the test, we will contact you regarding acceptance or rejection.

Flow after adoption

Experience each process and assign the right person to the right place

During the six months after joining the company, employees visit various departments and learn about each process while gaining an understanding of how eyeglasses are made.
After that, they will be assigned to a department that matches their characteristics while considering their individual wishes. After that, I sometimes change departments once every few months so that I can handle other processes. Currently, we are introducing new machines one by one, and we are working to ensure that even employees who touch machines for the first time can finish the same product with the same quality within two weeks.
Based on the manual, senior employees will carefully guide you, so you can work with peace of mind.
As you get older, your career progresses to team leader, assistant manager, section manager, and general manager.