Eyewear is a work of art

Ena Optical’s main business is the production of eyewear using plastic acetate cellulose material. We produce and export eyewear based on designs provided by international customers. We export about 95% of total production to markets in Europe and the United States —chiefly in the United States. The remaining 5% is sold under our own brand or shipped to customers in Japan. We started when our previous president, who had been wholesaling eyewear, decided to try producing the eyewear himself.

He returned to Gifu Prefecture, where he was born, and founded Ena Optical in 1947. Since then, valuing an approach that aims to benefit the buyer, seller, and society equally, we have continued to do all we can each day based on paying close attention to feedback from employees, customers, and consumers. We aim to build even more on our status as a trusted company to further solidify our position in the plastic eyeglass-frame industry. Another of our targets is to build an eco-friendly plant. Following the lead of major enterprises and public opinion, we strive to achieve our specific goals within five years.

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